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100% Wool Sweaters

Sweaters made from pure wool. Wool is essential for comfort in cold weather. Have you ever seen a cold sheep? :-) Seriously, wool can absorb 30% of it's weight in water and maintain it's insulating qualities. If you get caught in a storm , wearing pure wool sweaters will improve your chances of survival. If you're not 100% pleased with any of our products you may return them for a full refund.
Heratexmilitary1 Dachstein Wool Sweater (military style)
Extra heavy wool sweater made in the Dachstein mountains of Austria. 100% wool. This is the traditional Austrian military style sweater. Probably the heaviest sweater you'll find anywhere. Made for winter in the Alps. Please call to order 1-866-649-3044. Sizes Large and XL are currently in stock. Other sizes can be ordered with a delivery time of approx. 4 to 6 weeks. (the Dachstein mitts in the photo are $37.00 per pair and can be ordered on the mitten page or by calling us.)
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cardigan on Blair Dachstein Wool Cardigan
100% Dachstein Wool Sweater made by Heratex. Very heavy and warm. 100% wool. Made in Austria from organic wool. Not treated with chemicals. Satisfaction guaranteed. sizes S, L and XL are in stock. FREE PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING!
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Alpin pullover Dachstein Alpin pullover
Dachstein wool sweater from Austria. 100% wool with button neck and collar. Extremely heavy and warm. Made for mountain winters. Free shipping. Comes in grey only. Satisfaction guaranteed.
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Heratex crewneck Dachstein crew neck sweater
100% wool sweater from Austria. These are incredibly warm sweaters, the thickest I have found anywhere in the world. (grey hat in photo matches mitts, is $34.00 and can be ordered higher on the page)
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Heratex lighter crewneck The Snow Leopard
100% pure wool sweater from the Dachstein mountains of Austria. Very warm and soft. So comfy you won't want to take it off until Spring. You'll always want to keep one or two in your arsenal of cold weather gear for mountain hiking trips or just for brisk winter days that call for the warm cozy feeling of pure wool. Free shipping. Size L, XL, and XXL in stock.
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Tobin and Callie wearing watch caps The Janus watch cap
100% pure merino wool watch cap. Amazingly soft and comfortable. After wearing this hat for the last few weeks, I'd never be without one again. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Made in Norway by Janus from Itch-free merino wool. Free shipping. NOW IN STOCK! (note: it may look blue on some monitors but it is black)
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